DRG Technical Solutions provides a diverse service offering to strategically plan, design, protect, maintain, and restore electric infrastructure for the power industry. Our team consists of leaders with industry experience and experts with an extensive understanding and in-depth technical knowledge. We are well positioned to meet the infrastructure engineering needs of our customers.

Our Services

  • Transmission Engineering
  • Substation Engineering
  • Distribution Engineering
  • System Planning & Analysis
  • Research & Special Projects

Transmission Engineering

DRG Technical Solutions provides transmission engineering services ranging from 46kV to 230kV. Services include:

  • Line design with PLS-CADD
  • Structure design with PLS-POLE
    • Galvanized and weathering steel
    • Concrete
    • Ductile iron
    • Laminated wood
    • Solid sawn wood
  • Foundation design with MFAD
  • Routing studies
  • Construction package development
  • Collocated pole (antennas on poles) analysis & design
  • Permitting DOT, Railroad, FAA, DNR, and USACE
  • Design of waterway, highway, and railroad crossings

Substation Engineering

DRG Technical Solutions provides substation engineering services including all aspects of physical substation and protection and controls engineering. Services include:

  • Substation design from 4.16kV through 500kV
  • Structure design using wide flange, tubular steel, and lattice steel
  • Bus design using angle, tubular, and strain bus
  • Ground grid design with CDEGS and WinIGS
  • Relay one-line and three-line diagrams
  • Schematics
  • Point-to-point wiring
  • Relay panel front views
  • AC and DC services
  • Relay Settings
  • SCADA design

Distribution Engineering

DRG Technical Solutions provides distribution design services to enable capital grid investments for electric utilities. We help support customer interactions, permitting, and right-of-way acquisition for the projects we are managing. Our services include:

  • Infrastructure Expansion and Upgrades
  • Distributed Generation Interconnects
    • Solar, Battery, Microgrids
  • Grid Investments
    • System Hardening & Resiliency
    • Integrated Volt-Var Control
  • System Maintenance
  • DOT Road Conflicts
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Customer Projects
    • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial

System Planning & Analysis

DRG Technical Solutions provides solutions that help optimize Capital Investment and reduce O&M costs for the electric utilities. Services include:

  • Wind, Solar and Energy Storage integration studies
  • Microgrid design
  • Electric Vehicle impact studies
  • Grid Modernization
  • Reliability and Resilience analysis
  • T&D planning
  • System protection

Our teams of experienced engineers are prepared to meet the emerging needs of industry. We have developed tools and processes that streamline our work and increase productivity.

Research & Special Projects

The applied research group at DRG Technical Solutions is working to develop tools, methods, and technologies to facilitate the power system required to meet increasing demands of the power grid. These demands include:

  • Increased renewable generation
  • Inclusion of energy storage
  • Increasing electric vehicle penetration
  • Other disruptive technologies

Our current investigations and projects include work on advanced sensing and detection, situational awareness, use of high-performance computing, advanced protection, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning for a variety of applications.

Our Team

DRG Technical Solutions serves our clients with a team of leaders, engineers, and industry professionals.

John S. Thompson, PE


W. Howard Fowler, PE

Vice President,
Distribution Engineering

Richard M. Waddell, PE

Vice President, Transmission & Substation Engineering

Mike W. Marshall, PE

Vice President, Research & Planning

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